Promoting the Boer Goat Industry
in indiana and the midwest


We are a group of Boer Goat and Meat Goat producers, exhibitors and enthusiasts who have organized to serve, support and advance the meat goat industry in Indiana, as well as promote and support youth education and activities within our industry.

Our goal is to bring Indiana's meat goat producers and others interested in supporting this industry together. We believe that by working together we can be more effective in our individual marketing endeavors as well as provide education, support and opportunities for the young exhibitors and producers within our industry.

These By-Laws are written within the guidelines and confines of the Articles of Organization for this association to facilitate the following Goals of the Indiana Boer Goat Classic:

·    Allow breeders to participate and network through shows and through the IBGC Directory as well as educational activities that may from time-to-time be offered.
·    Allow junior exhibitors to participate and compete throughout the show season and receive awards for their hard work and dedication to the Boer Goat and Market Goat projects.
·    Provide a learning experience for junior exhibitors and their families by showing Boer Goats and Market Goats, providing leadership, showing cooperation and presenting good sportsmanship.
·    Provide support for state and national Boer Goat and Meat Goat educational programs. ·  Contribute assistance to the Indiana 4-H Boer Goat/Meat Goat program.
·    Offer support to the Boer Goat/Meat Goat industry.

The IBGC is organized and managed by a group of volunteer members. To participate on IBGC Committees, run for membership on the Executive Committee, and vote on matters relevant to the IBGC, individuals must have current paid-to-date membership. Membership in the Indiana Boer Goat Classic is open to any individual who breeds and/or has an interest in the Boer Goat breed or meat goats or wants to support activities for junior showmen in Indiana.

Membership fees: $35.00/year for a family membership (allows 1 vote)
(family defined as children and either parents, custodial grandparents, or legal guardians) $25.00/year for an individual membership
$10.00/year for a junior membership (non-voting)
(for juniors who are 21 years or younger as of January 1st of the current year, and who are not part of a family membership)

The Family/Farm membership includes a listing in the IBGC online Breeders’ Directory with up to 100 words and a link to the member’s website. An individual may choose a family/farm membership and receive the same listing, etc.

Current paid membership is required for juniors who want to participate and/or receive awards in any Indiana Boer Goat Classic Youth Challenge Series event. Open show exhibitors do not need to be members to show at any IBGC Open Show. However, all exhibitors who wish to receive membership benefits must be members. Attendees at educational seminars do not need to be members.

Membership applications and fees are accepted throughout the year and can be completed when entering any individual show, prior to showing. Juniors become eligible to earn points on the date membership is paid prior to a show. The Points Awards Programs will be limited to Indiana Boer Goat Classic members.

All Indiana Boer Goat Classic memberships expire December 31st.

The Indiana Boer Goat Classic Executive Committee consists of a minimum of three individuals, as outlined in the Articles of Organization - a President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.

Members wishing to serve as Executive Committee members in the positions of President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer must submit their names and biographies to the Secretary/Treasurer by May 31st. An election will be held, and the results will be made available at the Annual Meeting.

A Judges Committee consisting of either the President, or the Vice President should the President choose not to serve, and no less than 2 and no more than 6 members shall be regrouped each year at the Annual Meeting whose sole duty is to gather suggested judges, research and determine which judges will be selected. Volunteers for this committee may begin submitting their names 6 weeks prior to the annual meeting and the executive committee will announce committee members at the annual meeting. All volunteers must be members in good standing.

A Show Committee consisting of the Vice President and no less than 2 and no more than 6 members shall be regrouped each year at the Annual Meeting whose sole duty is to organize and review suggested show locations, select show locations, and coordinate with local sponsoring groups to insure all volunteers, food vendor, and other show details are addressed, Volunteers for this committee may begin submitting their names 6 weeks prior to the annual meeting and the executive committee will announce committee members at the annual meeting. All volunteers must be members in good standing.

A Sponsorship Committee consisting of the Secretary-Treasurer and no less than 2 and no more than 6 members, whose sole duty is to organize and solicit sponsorship money to fund the activities of the organization, shall be regrouped each year at the Annual Meeting. Volunteers for this committee may begin submitting their names 6 weeks prior to the annual meeting and the executive committee will announce committee members at the annual meeting. All volunteers must be members in good standing.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall make items and information available to the committee to assist in this. The President and Vice President shall work with this committee to maximize everyone’s effort.

Other committees may be organized as events and the Executive Committee deems appropriate.


·    Annual membership meeting is required and will be held during the Fall Classic Show.
·    Annual outside review of financial records by a CPA is required.
·    All expenditures must go through and be approved by the Secretary/Treasurer, who has signatory authority, and must also be reviewed and approved by either the President or Vice President.
·    Membership list is to be maintained and made available to member breeders for their use in promoting their programs.

·    Meetings – Roberts rules of order
·    Nominations – 1 nominate, 1 second.
·    Removing non-performing officers by Executive Committee – If in the opinion of the other Executive Committee Members a co-officer is not performing duties as needed – a committee vote

can be requested and made. If the non performing officer does not agree with the results they may request a full membership vote on the matter – which must take place within 2 months of the committee vote. Anything less than a ¾ membership supporting vote for the non performing officer will result in their immediate removal from office.
·    Removing non-performing officers by request of regular Membership – If in the opinion of a minimum of 1/3 of the current paid membership, an Executive Committee Member should be removed from office, they may request Executive Committee attention to their written justification and request for that action. The Executive Committee must investigate and take action or make a general announcement of their findings within 2 months of the initial membership request. Should the Executive Committee decide to take no action, the membership group making the original request may ask for a general membership referendum on the matter. Removal of the Executive Committee member in question will require a ¾ membership vote in favor of removal to pass.


·    Members will not lobby or otherwise take part in political activities in the name of the Indiana Boer Goat Classic.

·    During shows, members will conduct themselves within the guidelines of the Indiana Boer Goat Classic Show Series and the sponsoring Registry Association.

·    If, in the opinion of any Executive member an individual exhibitor’s presence at IBGC sanctioned shows is detrimental to the overall success and wellbeing of the IBGC program and members, that member may request an Executive Committee vote on banning the exhibitor from all IBGC Sponsored events. Should the Executive Committee vote to ban, the exhibitor in question will be informed, in private, before the next scheduled event. If the exhibitor in question is not a member, the matter ends and not further action may be taken. If, however, the exhibitor in question is a member, they may gather 1/3 of the membership and request a full membership vote on their banning. However, rescinding their banning will require a full ¾ membership vote in favor of overturning the ban to pass.


·    Members wishing to sponsor a local show for the following year may submit requests in the name of their local organizations to the Secretary/Treasurer by June 30th. These dates and locations will be presented at the annual meeting and the members in attendance will be solicited for input and opinions about the locations, which will be forwarded to the Show Committee.

·    The Show Committee shall select locations from applications for shows for the following season and determine the sanctioning national registry. The Executive Committee will provide available funding information and advise the Show Committee of the number of shows that will be financially feasible. Consideration should be given to location cost and financial reimbursement available for each show location when determining which to choose. This selection process must be completed within 60 days AFTER the date of the Annual meeting. The show information will be forwarded to the Executive Committee for final vote and then the Show Committee will inform the local member requesting the show of their decision.

·    Each local sponsoring group will be asked to designate a Show Chairman who can communicate with the IBGC Show Committee to insure everything and all volunteers are organized for the show, and with the Sponsor Committee to line up sponsors, hotels, etc.

·    The Indiana Boer Goat Classic will provide liability insurance for the shows.
·    The Secretary/Treasurer will handle sponsoring Registry Association paperwork and show entries with assistance from the local sponsoring group and Show Committee. The Show Committee will work with the Show Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer to ensure that someone is available to coordinate ribbons, premiums, entries and awards at each show.

·    Shows will be limited to no more than 4 each year until treasury can support a greater number and should be situated throughout the state.
·     Pen fees will be paid back to the local sponsoring organization under the following guidelines: No Charge for Fairgrounds or facilities: The full amount paid to the organization
Fairgrounds cost up to $150.00: 75% of pen fees paid to organization Fairgrounds cost from $150 up to $350: 50% of pen fees paid to organization Fairgrounds cost from $350 up to $550: 25% of pen fees paid to organization

·    Local show sponsors are encouraged to solicit contributions from local businesses and any funds received and turned into the IBGC for that show will be split –40% to the organization, and 60% into the IBGC fund for supporting shows and awards.                                                                               In the event that the local group sponsoring the show is not an organization, all donations will be retained by the IBGC. The IBGC will insure that the local businesses who donate receive recognition during the show, as well as at the Awards Banquet. Major Sponsors, those who contribute more than $500.00, will also be listed on the website.
·    The Show Committee in conjunction with the Sponsorship Committee should determine whether vendors will be allowed to set up at shows, and the fees that will be charged. These determinations should be forwarded to the Executive Committee for review and approval as soon as possible after show locations are set, but before the end of the year in any event.

·    Shows are to follow the guidelines as outlined in the Indiana Boer Goat Classic Show Rules – which are reviewed and updated each year by the Show Committee in conjunction with the Executive Committee and approved by the Executive Committee to conform to association requirements, and any state and federal requirements, in addition to the rules of the sanctioning Registry Association. Junior age divisions will follow the Indiana State 4-H age division, with the exception that children under grade 3 may exhibit, provided they can control their goats, and youth up to age 21 may exhibit as Advanced.
·    Only the top 3 market animals and top 3 breeding does per individual junior exhibitor will be allowed to earn points for awards, but all animals exhibited shall be eligible to earn show premiums at each individual show and there is no limited on the number of animals being exhibited.
·    For the Youth Challenge Series market and breeding doe point award program, in the event of any tie for the high point winner, the high point winner and runner up winner points awards will be combined and split between the two tying winners. The monetary awards will be totaled together, and split evenly between the two tying winners. The Show Committee shall be responsible for determining how any non-monetary awards will be handled.
·    For the Youth Challenge Series showmanship points awards program, any point ties will be broken by a “show-off” at the final show of the Show Series year.
·    The individual Junior Winner of Points Awards must be present at the Awards Ceremony in order to receive the Awards. If the winning Junior Winner is not present, the award will be given to the next eligible junior exhibitor. In the event of a valid reason for not attending (i.e. illness or injury) a family member may receive the award for the winner.

·    The only way an independent show may gain permission to award IBGC Points is to become a part of the IBGC Show Series, as one of the sanctioned shows in the series, and follow all the rules and regulations of the IBGC, including insuring that all juniors participating in the show are members.
At least one person in the group organizing the independent show must be a member of the Indiana Boer Goat Classic.


Judges Criteria: Judges will be selected from the roster of the sponsoring Registry Association. All efforts should be directed towards selecting judges who are capable of judging both market wethers and breeding stock, who are willing to work with juniors and judge showmanship, and who can put aside political agendas for the junior show.

Judges Selection: Suggestions for Judges will be solicited from members at the Annual Meeting. These names will be passed on to the Judges Committee. As soon as a Show is sanctioned, an appropriate judge will be selected – first from this list, and if no name on the list is available or eligible for that particular show, then a new short list will be put together after collecting names from members of the Judges Committee and the Executive Committee. The Judges Committee should take care to ensure that a variety of judges are used for the show series shows in the same year so as to not benefit any individual breeder or exhibitor. The Secretary/Treasurer should make available to each chosen judge a copy of the guidelines from the association of his/her affiliation as a reminder of what the IBGC wants.


All educational activities offered by the IBGC will be available to any individual interested in attending and willing to pay any registration fee required. All planned educational activities must have the approval of the Executive Committee prior to finalizing any plans.

Requests to revise these By-Laws may be made at the end of the show season, at the Annual Meeting, in writing by a minimum of ¼ of the current members. The Executive Committee will review the requested change. In the case where the Executive Committee believes a modification to the original change request is needed, the members originally requesting the change will be notified of the modification and given 30 days to provide input. If, after review, the Executive Committee approves the requested change, and the proposed change receives a 2/3 majority vote of the members at the Annual Meeting the following year, the change will go into effect immediately following the Annual Meeting. Any such changes to the By-Laws will be published on the member’s page of the website once the Executive Committee has reviewed and approved the change, for review by the general membership.

These By-Laws have been reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee as amended this date: March 22, 2019.

Michael Lash, President
Angela Kelley, Vice President
Deanna Hankes, Show Secretary
Denise Tepe, Secretary
Christy Idlewine, Treasurer

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