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The Indiana Boer Goat Classic is a volunteer organization of Boer goat and meat goat enthusiasts, exhibitors and producers who have come together to serve, support, and advance the Boer goat and meat goat industry in Indiana.  One of the main goals of the IBGC is and has always been to promote and support the youth interested in our industry throughout the State of Indiana.

The Indiana Boer Goat Classic was founded in 2008 with the goal of growing the Boer Goat and Meat Goat industry in Indiana by providing youth exhibitors and breeders alike opportunities to promote their product to others through shows, educational opportunities and other events.  For a number of years, the IBGC hosted four Summer Show Series events, which included both Youth and Open ABGA Shows around the State. 

As the club and the Boer and meat goat industry in Indiana has grown, so has the demand for quality shows and events for goat producers within the State.  In response to this growth, in 2015 the IBGC added grooming clinics to the schedule at each show which were well received by local goat producers and 4-H members from the local communities.  Additionally, the IBGC approved the formation of the IBGC Junior Board, a group of youth members dedicated to the Indiana Boer and meat goat industry and the IBGC through community outreach events and activities planned and executed by the Junior Board members.  Finally, in response to demand by producers, we also added a fall Open Show event to the schedule which includes three open ABGA shows as well as a jackpot youth market show and a showmanship competition.

2016 was another year of growth for the club, and changes to the show program were just one of the areas that were approved. The board approved two major changes in 2016 (to take effect in 2017), first, the addition of the Sanctioned Show Program, which allows outside entities to host shows that are sanctioned by the IBGC, outside of the standard four shows in the Summer Show Series.  This allows more opportunities for the youth members to show and compete for points in the Youth Challenge Series (previously known as the Points Awards Program).  For more information on the Sanctioned Show Program, please click here. The second was the move to add Breeding Does to the Youth Challenge Series program.  For more information on the Youth Challenge Series please click here.

While the founders of the club understood the importance of breeder support, the main focus of the club was and will always be, to encourage the development of youth exhibitors and offer a venue for breeders to network and promote their stock.
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