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Sanctioned Show Program

The Youth Challenge Series Sanctioned Show Program was created to allow our Youth Members more opportunities to exhibit their animals throughout the State of Indiana by encouraging local agencies to host Youth Shows. The IBGC does not dictate the show rules for the Sanctioned Youth Challenge Series events but sanctioned shows must follow the IBGC Youth Challenge Series Guidelines to increase fairness of the IBGC Youth Challenge Series points program. Please contact the local show secretary for individual show rules. IBGC Junior members who compete in these shows will be eligible to earn points towards year end awards and prizes. Points may be accumulated during any IBGC Summer Show Series show and at all Youth Challenge Series Shows.

If you are interested in sanctioning a Youth Challenge Series show, please review the IBGC Youth Challenge Series Guidelines and contact us.

  1. Independent shows must be registered/sanctioned with the IBGC 60 days prior to the show date of the current show season. Sanctioned shows must abide by the guidelines outlined below.
  2. Each local sponsoring group will be asked to designate a Show Chairman who can communicate with the IBGC Show Committee.
  3. No Shows will be sanctioned that would interfere with members attending an IBGC Summer Show Series Event. IBGC Summer Show Series show dates will be announced by Jan 1st.
  4. Applications for Sanctioned Shows will be accepted/reviewed after January 1st.
  5. Sanctioned Shows scheduled on the same date will not be approved unless they are at least 150 miles apart.
  6. The IBGC reserves the right to refuse sanctioning for a particular date or show if it is determined not to be in the best interest of the IBGC or its members.
  7. Current paid membership is required for junior members to earn points and receive awards in the IBGC Youth Challenge Series. Membership must be paid and membership form submitted prior to the start of the show for points to be awarded for that show. (No retro-active points will be awarded.) Exhibitors may be Junior Members or part of a Family/Farm Membership. Forms will be available at each show or can be downloaded from our website.
  8. To be sanctioned, a show must offer all IBGC Junior members in good standing, the opportunity to compete. IBGC members must not be required to enter any other class, or join any other association or club, or pay any non-member fee or permit fee to any association or club, as a condition of exhibiting in an IBGC sanctioned show.
  9. Junior age is through 21 years of age or younger as of January 1st of the current year and will follow the Indiana State 4-H age division with the exception that children under grade 3 may exhibit providing they can control their goats and youth members age 19-21 may exhibit as a Junior member following the guidelines below.
    1. Pee Wee – Up through 2nd grade.
    2. Junior – 3rd through 5th grade.
    3. Intermediate – 6th through 8th grade.
    4. Senior – 9th through 12th grade.
    5. Advanced – through 21 years.
  10. The sanctioning show must offer the following classes with the top 10 Goats being placed in each class and the top 5 Showmanship Exhibitors in each division being placed.
    • o Market Wethers (Three (3) divisions by weights)
      • Light Weight
      • Medium Weight
      • Heavy Weight

    • Market Does (Three (3) divisions by weights)
      • Light Weight
      • Medium Weight
      • Heavy Weight

    • Breeding Does (Dependent on number of entries: May follow ABGA class structure or a reduced number of classes with minimum three (3) divisions by age.)
      • Junior Does
      • Yearling Does
      • Senior Does

    • Showmanship
      • Advanced
      • Senior
      • Intermediate
      • Junior
      • Pee Wee

  11. Market Goat Class sizes should try to be equal in quantity when possible to increase fairness of class point accumulation.
  12. Bonus points are awarded when exhibiting in more than 8 IBGC Youth Challenge Series events. Five (5) additional “bonus” points will be awarded to market goat exhibitors and breeding doe exhibitors for each additional show after 8 shows. (Example: if you exhibit in 11 market goat shows throughout the season, you will automatically receive 15 additional points added to your market goat challenge total. If you exhibit in 9 breeding doe shows, you will receive 5 additional points added to your breeding doe challenge total.) IBGC Youth Challenge Series events include shows in the IBGC Summer Show Series and the Youth Challenge Series Sanctioned Show Program.
  13. Exhibitors will accumulate points in three categories: Market Goats, Breeding Does and Showmanship. While exhibitors are not limited to showing only 3 market goats and 3 breeding does per show, points will only be accumulated from the three highest point accumulating goats in each category. Each goat may only be shown in one market class, or one breeding doe class, and one showmanship class; and may only be shown by one IBGC exhibitor per sanctioned show.
  14. Show Chairman will receive additional information and placing cards/worksheets prior to the show.
  15. Show organizer must provide the IBGC Show Secretary full, final results within 24 hours after the conclusion of the show by returning the following:
    1. Duplicate placing cards/worksheets provided by the IBGC.
    2. The complete results of the IBGC Sanctioned classes via email to the show secretary.
  16. Independent sanctioned shows will pay a sponsorship fee of $125 per show or $1.50 per head (whichever is greater) to the IBGC per show per location. Payment must be made within 24 hours after the completion of the show.
  17. Show committees are not responsible for IBGC point calculations.
  18. The IBGC requires that sanctioned shows follow the IBGC Sanctioned Show Rules and Member Ethics to increase fairness of the IBGC point system. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in future shows not being sanctioned. Class List / Showbill must be reviewed by the IBGC Show Committee before it can be published.
  19. As a condition of sanction, shows may be asked to display promotional items provided by select IBGC sponsors
  20. Show Chairman must read and sign the IBGC Youth Challenge Series Guidelines and adhere to these rules before sanctioning will be approved.
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