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IBGC Summer Show Series

The Summer Show Series is designed to encourage the exhibition, marketing and promotion of Boer and Meat Goats in and around the State of Indiana.  Any show chosen to host a Summer Show Series Event must be open to all IBGC members and to all members of the National Sponsoring Registry. 

Members or local organizations wishing to host a Summer Show Series show for the following year may complete this packet and submit the information to the IBGC Show Secretary by June 30th the year prior. These dates and locations will be presented to the membership at the Annual Meeting held at the Indiana State Fair and the members in attendance will be solicited for input and opinions about the locations, which will be forwarded to the Show Committee.

IBGC Summer Show Series Rules
  1. Entries must be submitted electronically at on or before 5:00 PM on the designated entry deadline. Fees double for entries accepted after the posted deadline. Late entries will be accepted online until 6 pm the Wednesday before the show, and at check-in.

  2. All shows are governed by the rules of the IBGC and the sanctioning Breed Association. IBGC rules have priority for the Youth Show. For incidents not covered by show rules, the IBGC Show Committee’s decision will be final.

  3. Original Registration papers are required for all breeding stock animals from any Boer registry accepted by the ABGA for the Open Show. Animals must be shown under the owner’s name. Acceptable registrations for Youth Pay-outs include: in the Youth's name (i.e. Johnny Smith, or Johnny Smith and Janie Smith) in a family name (i.e. John and Mary Smith and family) or in a farm name (i.e. Smith Farms.)

  4. Youth Exhibitors will accumulate points in the Youth Challenge Series in three categories: Market Goats, Breeding Does (only top 3 goats will count towards overall total for Market Goats and Breeding Does) and Showmanship. Exhibitors are not limited to showing only 3 goats per show, but points will only be accumulated from the three highest point accumulating goats per category. Goats may only be shown in only one market class and one showmanship class and may only be shown by one IBGC exhibitor per sanctioned show.

  5. Papers are not required for market or showmanship animals.

  6. Youth exhibitors must be members or part of a family membership and may join at any show. Points accumulate from that show forward.

  7. All goats must be in place and papers checked in to the show secretary by designated check in time the day of the show.

  8. Goats must be Healthy and free of visible signs of contagious diseases. Animals of questionable health may be excused.

  9. All goats must comply with Indiana BOAH and Scrapie rules. Out of state goats must follow any rules for transport set by the state of Indiana.

  10. All goats must be tagged or have some other permanent form of ID.

  11. Dehorning/tipping of Wethers and Market Does is recommended but not required. Market goats shall be body-clipped to a uniform length not exceeding 1/2" above the hocks and knees.

  12. Wethers must be castrated males. Wethers with remnants of testicles will be disqualified.

  13. Wethers and Market does must have all their milk teeth in place. Wethers and Market Does with missing teeth or permanent adult teeth coming in will be disqualified. (No refunds.)

  14. IBGC reserves the right to conduct weigh-backs of wethers and market does. Animals gaining more than 5 lbs from entry weight will be disqualified, forfeit that show’s premiums, and all earned points.

  15. IBGC reserves the right to conduct random drug/tissue tests. The exhibitor of any goat found with illegal drug residue will be banned from the show series.

  16. No alcoholic beverages on the fairgrounds. No smoking inside any barns. No dogs allowed in barns or show arena.

  17. Exhibitors and their families are responsible for safety and care of their goats, and release the IBGC and any committee members from any and all responsibility for loss or damages or accidents, and waive any and all claims resulting from any weigh-back or random drug/tissue test results.

  18. IBGC reserves the right to refuse any exhibitor entry and to ask any person whose behavior is deemed detrimental to leave immediately.

  19. Youth must show their own animals in the Junior Show unless they have 2 in the same class.

  20. No Showing from Trailers. No Refunds.

EVERY YOUTH EXHIBITOR at EVERY Summer Show Series Show (Flora, Brownstown, Hamlet and Bloomington) AND the Fall Classic will be entered in to a drawing to WIN a Straw of Semen from 2M Boer Goats, plus Lap AI @ 2M. (Each show is a separate drawing, so you have FIVE chances to WIN!)

Directions and Hotel Information Click HERE

**NEW FOR 2017**

ALL early entries must be submitted online by the deadlines listed below and ALL early entry fees must be postmarked on or before the entry deadline. Please mail your entry fees along with your printed class registration to the address provided on or before the deadline. Entries submitted/postmarked after the deadline will be considered LATE entries.


IBGC Show #1 May 6, 2017 • Flora, IN
Entry Deadline - May 1, 2017
Judge(s): Nick Hammet, MO / Cooper Bounds

IBGC Show #2 - May 20, 2017 • Brownstown, IN
Entry Deadline - May 15, 2017
Judge(s): Bailey Bergherm, IN / Catherine Riley, KY

June 3, 2017 - IBGC Youth Jackpot
Entry Deadline - May 29, 2017
Hancock County Showdown - Greenfield, IN
Judge(s): Spencer Scotten, OK
More Info

IBGC Show #3 June 10, 2017 • Hamlet, IN
Entry Deadline - June 5, 2017
Judge(s): Kathy Daves-Carr, SC / Caleb Westfall, OH

IBGC Show #4 June 24, 2017 • Bloomington, IN
Entry Deadline - June 19, 2017
Judge(s): Jason Brashear, KY / Patrick Aliff, WV

IBGC Summer Show Series Show Order

Youth Showmanship
Youth Market Goats
ABGA Open Show #1 (Youth Points)
ABGA Open Show #2

*Check In Saturday 7 AM-8:30 AM

Show Starts Promptly at 9:30 AM Local Time

Youth Payouts:
Market Goats - 80% of market goat early entry fees are paid out to wether and market doe exhibitors.
Breeding Does - 1st $20, 2nd $15, 3rd $10, Grand Champion % $100, Res. Champion % $50, Grand Champion FB $100, Res. Champion FB $50.

For questions please contact Show Secretary
Michael Lash (217-853-4868)

Youth Market/Showmanship

IBGC rules apply. For Exhibitors 21 years of age and under as of January 1st (Current Year). Any Youth exhibitor who is part of a Family Membership, or a Junior Member, and able to control their goats is eligible to participate. Annual Youth/Junior Membership is $10.00.

All market goats will be weighed the day of the show at designated times with class posting immediately following.

Open Show

ABGA rules apply.


Early Pen Fees: $5/pen (must pay for tack pens).
Late Pen Fees: $10/pen.

Youth Market Show Early Entry Fees: $15/head
Late entry fees: $30.00.

Youth Jackpot: $25 per head

Open ABGA Show Early Entry: $20/head per show or
$30 for both shows.
Late entry fees: $40 per head.


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