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Youth Challenge Series

The IBGC Youth Challenge Series is an opportunity for Youth Exhibitors to showcase their talents as Junior Showmen and exhibit their stock in a wholesome, family-oriented environment while earning points, prizes and cash awards. The Youth Challenge Series consists of a series of Youth Shows held each year in various locations throughout the state of Indiana.

During the IBGC Youth Challenge Series, youth members of the Indiana Boer Goat Classic compete for points in classes including Showmanship, Market Wethers, Market Does and Breeding Does. Points are awarded based on placings earned in these classes. Cash and/or merchandise prizes may also be awarded to youth members at shows for top placings in their classes.

Points from each show are tallied after the final show and Year End awards are given to the following:

  • High Point Pee Wee Showman
  • High Point Beginner Showman
  • High Point Intermediate Showman
  • High Point Senior Showman
  • High Point Advanced Showman
  • High Point Market Goat Exhibitor
  • Res. High Point Market Goat Exhibitor
  • High Point Breeding Doe Exhibitor
  • Res. High Point Breeding Doe Exhibitor

The goal of the IBGC Youth Challenge Series is to award outstanding youth exhibitors participating in the IBGC Summer Show Series and encourage participation at all the qualifying shows. By exhibiting at qualifying shows, every youth member has an opportunity to earn points based on guidelines below.

IBGC Youth Challenge Series Points System

Top 5 Showmanship exhibitors in each division receive points at each show towards their total Showmanship Points – based on a 5 point system for 1st-5th place, 5 for 1st, 4 for 2nd, etc. High Point Winner from each division receives awards including $50. In the case of a tie, a tie-breaker showdown will be held at the fall classic to determine the High Point Winner.

Market Goat
Exhibitors receive points on their top 3 placing market animals per show based on a 10-point system for 1st thru 10th place, 10 for 1st, 9 for 2nd, etc. Points are tallied towards High Point total for the Series. High Point Winner receives awards, including $150, Reserve High Point Winner receives awards plus $75.

Breeding Doe
Exhibitors receive points on their top 3 placing breeding does per show. The scoring details of the Breeding Doe Challenge will be announced before the first show of the 2018 season. Points are tallied toward High Point total for the Series. High Point Winner receives awards, including $150, Reserve High Point Winner receives awards plus $75.

Bonus Points
Bonus points are awarded when exhibiting in more than 8 IBGC Youth Challenge Series events. Five (5) additional “bonus” points will be awarded to market goat exhibitors and breeding doe exhibitors for each additional show after 8 shows. (Example: if you exhibit in 11 market goat shows throughout the season, you will automatically receive 15 additional points added to your market goat challenge total. If you exhibit in 9 breeding doe shows, you will receive 5 additional points added to your breeding doe challenge total.) IBGC Youth Challenge Series events include shows in the IBGC Summer Show Series and the Youth Challenge Series Sanctioned Show Program.


How do I sign up for the IBGC Youth Challenge Series? It’s simple, come to the shows, sign up for a membership and start showing! All youth members are automatically eligible to start earning points!

Do I have to be a member of the IBGC? Yes, at least an annual Junior Membership is required to show in our junior shows and be eligible for the IBGC Youth Challenge Series. A Junior Member may also be a part of a family/farm membership.

Do I have to be a member of the ABGA or USBGA or any other association? No, the only membership required for participation in the program is an IBGC Membership (Junior or Farm/Family)

Do my goats have to be registered? No, goats do not have to be registered with any association to compete in either Showmanship or Market Goat classes. Breeding does must be registered with the National registry sanctioning the open show.

What does it cost? $10 for Annual Junior Membership or $35 for Farm/Family Membership (choice), plus applicable show fees.

What happens if there is a tie? If there is a tie in the Market Goat Exhibitor Points program, all awards will be combined and split between the tying winners, monetary awards will be totaled and split evenly. The show committee will determine how any non-monetary awards are divided. A tie in the showmanship division will be broken by a “show off” prior to the awards ceremony at the fall classic.

When are the qualifying shows? The qualifying shows are held during the spring/summer each year. Currently the Youth Challenge Series is set up to include all IBGC Summer Show Series Shows, and any IBGC Sanctioned Shows designated as points shows. Please visit our Event Calendar page for a current schedule of qualifying shows.

Where are the qualifying shows held? The qualifying shows are held throughout the state of Indiana. Please check our website for current show locations.

How do I know if I’ve won any awards? Winners will be posted on the website shortly after the final show of the season concludes.

What type of awards are given? Cash and merchandise awards are routinely given to our winners thanks to the generosity of our sponsors.

When do I get my awards? Awards are presented to the winners during our annual Awards Ceremony.

When and where is the awards ceremony held? The Annual Youth Challenge Series Awards Ceremony date/location will be announced at least 60 days in advance. Every effort is made to ensure that the ceremony is held in a central location that is easily accessible to all members. Please check our event calendar or contact the Show Secretary for more information.

Do I have to attend the awards ceremony? The high point winners and reserve high point winners MUST be present at the Awards Ceremony in order to receive the Awards. If any winning exhibitor is NOT present, the award will be given to the next eligible junior exhibitor. In the event of a valid reason for not attending (i.e. illness or injury) a family member may receive the award for the winner.


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